Making Memories & Getting Engaged

This post is not art-related, as you can probably tell by the title, so you can either stay to read or go on about your day. If you are going to keep reading I will warn you this is a lengthy post! 🙂

Caleb and I have known each other for a little over two years and met through our church. How we began talking is actually kind of funny and I just want to say if it weren’t for me we would not be where we are today!

Okay so here is the story of how we began talking –

During church one day I was patiently sitting and waiting for service to begin when I hear this loud popping noise come from Caleb, who was sitting a few seats to my left. The usher sitting in front of Caleb turns around and says “Man Caleb you sound like something out of a horror movie.” I then just so happened to lean over and mention that he looks like he came from one too, just kidding you know haha. I immediately felt bad and apologized repeatedly, and Caleb being Caleb acted all hostile. At the time I didn’t know that he was just “acting” butt-hurt and wouldn’t accept my apology. Later on that night I went home and Facebook messaged him another apology and we began talking after he admitted he was just messing with me. So to sum it up we are getting married because I insulted him for no reason.. poor guy. kidding…



Anyway, that happened in November of 2015 and we began courting in January of 2016. Whenever we talk about how it happened he always tells me that we were never “friends” because of the short time period between Nov. 1st and Jan. 11th. It didn’t take long to know that we were pretty set on each other and marriage would eventually be in our future. Together our personalities never let our relationship have a dull moment! We work together so well by filling in what the other lacks, for instance, I can be stubborn where he is compromising.

Shortly After our “one year” mark hit we began talking about marriage and if that is where we were headed. We both knew that I would be in college 2.5 hours away soon and wanted to plan around that as much as we could. When August came around, I moved to Indianapolis for school and towards the end of the month Caleb proposed.

So here is that story –

A week before Caleb proposed I was asked to help his mom shoot a video for the singer at our church and her husband. They were going to be taking the video out by an old cabin on this beautiful property owned by another couple at our church. They were doing it on Saturday at 10 a.m so I agreed and showed up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. IMG_1469When we got to the place everything was set up as if we were really going to shoot a video of them singing. Leshay, the singer, and her husband John were dressed up, he had his guitar, and we had our cameras. Everyone was acting normal, not even the slightest bit off… They were sneaky! Anyway, we made our way to the cabin and began filming this video. As Leshay begins to sing I’m thinking ‘this isn’t a worship song.’ About a minute goes by before Caleb shows up out from behind the cabin in a suit with flowers. At this point I’m still trying to hold the camera steady and suddenly things start making sense. The song they were playing was “Marry Me” by Train and I look over and see my mom. His mom then came over to take the camera and Caleb proposed. 🙂 It was all a really good setup and everyone played their part perfectly, I had no clue!

So there is the story of how we got engaged and ended up where we are today. I’m happy that we have made it to this point though, I kinda love him.

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  1. Holly Smith says:

    I couldn’t have asked for a bettter son in law. Happy for the both of you. Love Mom

  2. Stacey & Ed Bogard says:

    Love this and so happy for you both

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