Unexpected Vacation…

I titled this post “Unexpected Vacation” because recently I have been trying to balance so much I have not had the time to write to you guys. So I am writing this post to catch you up on current events that have happened and will be happening to this adventuring artist!

To start off, I will give you a short summary of how school has been going in the past few weeks since I have been away… My classes have been going good, however having them in the morning and evening Monday – Friday is definitely taking a toll on how much I am “enjoying” college. Despite my class schedule being difficult, I have met so many new people who are in the same position I am in and are also struggling art students! I have visited a few art galleries and bonded with friends on what it means to be an artist. I will write another post later about how being an art student is the most demanding thing ever, but how it can also be the most rewarding. Aside from school I have gotten a job through the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which will be an incredible thing to lean on when I am in need of inspiration for art projects in the future! Not only will it help in that aspect, it will also add a few brownie points on my resume for later job opportunities!

Most of what has been keeping me away has been school, but the BIGGEST event that has happened since the last post would be that I have gotten engaged! It was a super sneaky and well thought-out strategy and I will give you the details in a post soon to come… I can’t give you guys ALL the good stuff that has happened in just one post! On that note, I will close here and save the rest for upcoming posts that I have planned to share with you.

I hope you enjoy this short post and the pictures included that give you a closer look to what I have been up to!