How I Came Across My Passion For Art!

   As my first post I figured I would tell you guys how I discovered my passion for art and how it has become such a big part of my life! It’s actually a funny story so you won’t be disappointed after reading it. I hope.

   As a kid I was pretty artistic and from elementary to high school I could always count on art class to be my only A on my report card… Up until my junior year of high school though I had no clue what I wanted to be or do when I grew up. What I did know was that whatever I chose it had to be art related. Luckily my high school is fortunate enough to have a vocational school right next to it to help kids like me choose their desired careers. Unfortunately when I was able to take a class over there I totally bypassed the part where I was supposed to consider all classes and choose which one fit me best. No. I went straight into Criminal Justice because my brother had always talked about how he enjoyed the class. I didn’t last there long though because my Granda, who happens to be the auto body teacher, talked to me about how his class was working on a Volkswagen van and I switched to his class without a second thought. I know what you are thinking, a girl in auto body class? But come on! Who doesn’t love Volkswagen and their vintage looking vans? 

   After showing up to his class the first day he pulls me over to tell me how he thinks I should take the class down the hall called Visual & Graphic Communications. To sum the class up, you design things on the computer using mainly Photoshop and Illustrator. Some days though, if you were lucky enough to make eye contact with Mrs. Groover she made you do hard labor printing shirts. If you were someone who enjoyed art it would be the class you would want to choose.. Anyway, I didn’t like the idea of switching out of his class so I kindly declined and forgot about it. However, he did not forget and was pretty persistent over the next few days with me at least spending a day down the hall. Eventually giving in, I can remember walking in the class and Mrs. Groover (I call her Groover) talked with me about the class and how I would really like it. I can also remember thinking that I would probably end up switching because she was so cool and you got your own desk with a computer. After that day messing around on Illustrator and seeing how laid back the class was I marched my happy little self down to the guidance office and switched my class once again! It was the best decision ever and I ended up LOVING the class. Forever thanks to Pappy for nudging me to switch and Groover for taking me under her wing!

   So long story short here, sometimes you just have to do things you DO NOT want to do because who knows? You might end up finding your passion for something or just taking out the trash…

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  1. Lisa Bogard Waller says:

    Can’t wait to read more ?

      1. Lori Moore says:

        So glad you marched your happy little self …. ahahaha. Love it!

  2. Laura Groover says:

    Im a pretty persuasive person ?

  3. Anne Ash says:

    Love it. Eagerly waiting for more….

  4. Nathan Bogard says:

    Great job, Princess! Keep them coming!

  5. Niki Bogard Watson says:

    Good job Taylor.. Look at you go..

  6. Darby Bogard says:

    Can’t wait to read more. I love you sissy! Glad you chose art as your passion. Love, Darby

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